„Mastering the complexity of asset management and capital markets requires substantial experience and profound knowledge”

Paul Hagen
Member of the board and shareholder

Paul Hagen joined our company in November 2020 as member of the board and shareholder. He is responsible for risk management, financial controlling and the supervision of internal operations. Furthermore, he is actively involved in all other conceptual topics, particularly the structuring and allocation of portfolios under management.

Being a former partner and executive board member of a bank, whose operations include all aspects of securities trading and capital markets, Paul Hagen has considerable experience in the field. As former chief financial and chief risk officer he has indepth knowledge of all aspects of banking operations. After retirement from the executive board, he has become a member of its supervisory board which he chairs since November 2020. Moreover, he is member of the supervisory board of a large pension fund. His proximity to capital markets is further reflected in his function as chairman of the Düsseldorf stock exchange council.