Portfolio Management

“More than just portraying a benchmark”

We offer individualized asset management services for all clients who wish to have their wealth or parts thereof administrated by our company. In the same manner as with investment advisory, the focus here lies on how to allocate assets adequately.

We perceive that a crucial element of individual asset management is to define bandwidths relative to a benchmark in which the portfolio manager is free to operate. This also applies to portfolio management: Allocation decisions are the main drivers of performance!

If clients wish to represent a benchmark in specific asset segments, it is advisable to issue a passive mandate to a specialised fund or manager. We will gladly assist our clients in finding a suitable match.

Numerous studies have shown that in more than 80% of cases active portfolio managers are unable to beat the benchmark of investments they consider “right” in an asset class. We encounter this by deliberately imposing an allocation range in accordance with our financial portfolio clients. This is the only way to successfully beat a chosen benchmark.