Investment Advice

“Objectivity and a comprehensive approach are the basis of sustainable success”

Extensive asset allocation, asset controlling as well as selecting suitable managers and investment products are the main elements of our wealth management services

Client-specific and risk-adequate tailoring of asset allocation concepts build the foundation for all further considerations. This is proven to account for over 80% of the performance that investments can generate in relation to the benchmark, while less than 20% can be attributed to the selection of individual assets.

The careful selection and composition of different asset classes is therefore crucial and will be unique for everyone. Accordingly, various criteria have to be given thorough consideration: What is the presumed investment horizon? Should a cash flow be generated? What should the ratio of liquid to less liquid investments be – especially in times of low interest rates and high government debt?

Throughout the course of investment advisory processes, questions regarding tax and legal effects of asset structuring or asset transfer to the next generation commonly arise. Here, clients can make use of our close liaison with the specialist lawyers of Lüdicke & Kollegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft to address these questions in a coordinated and efficient approach.

As soon as a concept for the allocation of assets has been established, suitable managers have to be selected. Should mandates be given for isolated asset classes or should there be a competition of multiple managers for multi-class mandates? Should they be actively or passively managed? There are many distinct structures to accommodate individual preferences.

As part of a comprehensive asset controlling approach it must also be determined where the assets are to be retained. Which legal structure is suitable? Depots, funds, companies, foundations? Centralised or decentralised? A benchmark is to be defined – either as an absolute target return or as a ratio to indexed investments.

Allocation advice, manager and product selection as well as the controlling of assets are ongoing and dynamic processes. Sustainable success builds on an extensive consideration and decision-making process.